Jonas Akerman

President and CEOJonas Akerman

Jonas has been a life-long entrepreneur. Early in his career, he was charged with building a U.S. presence for the Swedish leadership and development firm, BTS Group. During his 24 years, he grew BTS USA from just one to over 200 professionals. He worked with executives and leadership teams in over 200 of the Global Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Citi.

Later, he returned to his native Sweden to become CEO of a housing development company with nearly 100 employees and contractors. When not working with small business leaders, Jonas enjoys his family of four kids and lovely wife and sailing in the Stockholm Archipelago.


Jonathan Dapra, PhD

Chief Innovation Officer and Vice President

Jonathan has spent his lifetime working in and with small businesses. In his research he has sought to not only better understand how to segment the range of small companies and their needs, but also identified the first small business leader Success Factors© and Derailers©. His research and thought leadership in small business leadership help to guide Alaric’s unique approach to understanding and developing leaders. 

He has over 20 years of diverse experience as an executive, entrepreneur, trainer, and coach. Jonathan began his career at Dun & Bradstreet. He started firms in the tech and gaming industry and helped build the Photoshop special effects company AutoFX. He was part of the leadership team at Dynamic Graphics, president of Pandromeda3D and founded the gaming middleware company Meta4 Interactive. He later joined The Early Start Fund. Jonathan has significant academic and instructional design experience, working with Education Management Corporation, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and currently, as the Rosenblum Endowed Professor of Business at Plymouth State University.  Jonathan earned a Doctorate of Business Administration and an MBA in strategy.

He is an avid reader and admits to binge-watching Doctor Who with his Chinese Shar-Pei, Gracie.


Richard Dapra, PhD Richard Dapra


Rich’s introduction to leadership was as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. His expertise was in leadership assessment and development. His first post-doctoral job was with Development Dimensions International (DDI), a fledgling assessment and leadership development company, where he was one of four employees. In three years, DDI employed 50 people and now, 1,100 associates. He then turned his sights to his own assessment company, Resource Analysis and Development where he stayed until one of his clients, Pitney Bowes, lured him away. He spent nearly 30 years working with other Fortune 100 companies including Aetna and Liberty Mutual. His focus was working with CEO’s and business unit heads on the acquisition, assessment, and development of talent. Later, he joined Jonas at BTS and built the now global assessment practice.

Until his passing, he enjoyed spending time with his children and grandchildren as well as playing golf, fishing, and volunteering with several veterans’ organizations.

He is greatly missed. Click here to read his tribute.