The greatest failure of most leadership development firms is their failure to start with an assessment; the process of measuring a leader’s skills, abilities, and knowledge, as well as identifying specific capabilities that result in success. How can a leader develop if they have no idea what capabilities they should focus on strengthening?

Alaric was founded by executive assessment experts, and the value of this process is at the foundation of everything we do to support our clients. Our leadership assessments are specifically designed for leaders of fast-growing small-to-midsize companies—a first in the industry. Alaric assessments are designed to meet the needs of leaders like you; providing you powerful insights into your leadership strengths, capabilities, and areas for growth. 

Leadership Snapshot

The first step to understanding your impact across your company. Our powerful online self-assessment, based on Critical Success Factors & Derailers of Small Business Leaders© provides a comprehensive picture of leadership. 

Leadership Panorama

Extend the view of your leadership impact by including feedback from your direct reports. The Alaric Leadership Panorama helps you to clarify and more sharply focus on the capabilities that drive your leadership success and identify critical small business Derailers© that could stall growth.  


We are working to create a unique new network specifically for like-minded, high-growth leaders like you. Imagine an exclusive network in which you can focus on common business and leader challenges, exchange business strategy and insights, and learn from industry experts who have knowledge and insight that is truly relevant to your growing company. 

Your membership includes:

  • Hot topic workshops
  • Reflection webinars
  • Annual Leadership Panorama assessment with change and comparative reports
  • VIP invite to The Small Business Executive Growth Conference 
  • Unlimited access to our research
  • Access to all development and coaching


Contact us to be the first to learn about our network launch. 

Development + Coaching

Our assessments allow leaders to understand their effectiveness and pinpoint capabilities they wish to strengthen. We offer unique approaches to developing skills, abilities, and knowledge— web-based training, webinars and seminars, and online simulations that allow you to put critical capabilities into practice, and other interactive courseware offerings are available directly through our portal.  

We offer traditional executive coaching and are building a unique new approach to virtual coaching that fits the distinct needs (and business pace) of small business leaders.  

Alaric represents your one-stop shop for continuous professional development.  

"I gained SO much knowledge by my direct reports taking the Leadership Panorama assessment. I was able to dig into my report and understand where I excelled and how I could better lead my team. I found this tool invaluable."                         - Mark H.