Non Fiction Book Silver Award WinnerOur award-winning book, From 50 to 500, an Amazon Best Seller is focused on unlocking the leadership secrets to growing small to mid-sized companies.

Our book is dedicated to understanding small business and its leadership.

From 50 to 500 is an easy and useful read to:

  • Grow your business
  • Strengthen your leadership
  • Increase your impact
Deepen your leadership know-how with every page turn.


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Who Should Read This Book?

  1. Leaders running companies with 50, 100, and as many as 500 full-time employees interested in maximizing their impact on the success and growth of their organizations.
  2. Small business leaders who aspire to grow their companies beyond 50 employees.
  3. Those interested in what makes leaders of smaller businesses different from executives running large enterprises. You may be surprised.

What to Expect?

A 'must-read' book written specifically for small business leaders that is different and introduces a new framework, The High-Impact Leadership Model.

This Model is a field-tested approach to leader effectiveness and is illustrated through stories and interviews of two small business leaders. As you engage in their journey, you come to understand how effective decision-making results in great leadership and superior results.

What People are Saying

A 50-person company is quite different than a 499-person why are they both considered small businesses? Authors Jonathan Drapa, Richard Drapa, and Jonas Akerman help readers understand the differences between small business growth stages and offer advice for small business leaders as they navigate challenges and opportunities. In addition to helpful definitions and practical tips, there are a wealth of case studies from a variety of small business owners to draw from. This is an excellent resource for any leader who is looking to scale and grow their business.
- Nonfiction Book Awards
"Executed with care and sophistication, Dapra, Dapra, and Akerman’s work makes a well-timed contribution as new legions of entrepreneurs build ventures dimensional enough to compete with corporate giants. For these daring souls wondering if they have the right stuff to shepherd their teams through metastasizing complexity, 'From 50 to 500' shines an illuminating light on the path ahead. Destined to become essential reading for owners of high-potential startups, this field guide excels in making the intangible terrain of rapid business growth far more navigable."
- Nonfiction Book Awards
"I was immediately engaged because I’d never seen a leadership book written specifically for small business. Before this, there was no reasonable standard for categorizing the different types of small companies. The Potential for Rapid Growth model presented in the book made a lot of sense and was very helpful in explaining how my small company differed from the local retail storefront.”
- James Mongeau, Leader, Space Age Electronics
From 50 to 500 represents a comprehensive, highly functional toolbox for the small business leader. The book is loaded with valuable insight, relevant business cases and motivation to learn, grow and succeed.
- Marty Strong, Navy SEAL officer (retired), CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, LGS Management Group and Leadership Author

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