Why Alaric?

We are passionate about small business, those companies that drive over 98% of the world’s economies. We founded Alaric because we recognized leaders of small-to-midsized companies have never had the attention, insights, programs and solutions, or support that is readily available to executives in large organizations—until now.

We focus solely on small business and have considerable experience and expertise in establishing, running, and partnering with small businesses.

We are the partners leaders turn to when navigating rapid growth. We work with leaders to develop capabilities and enhance strategies that propel small business growth. 

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About Alaric

About Alaric

We are a leadership assessment and development company uniquely focused on leaders of companies with up to 500 employees.

Here’s three things to know about us:

  1. Our passion is helping leaders build profitable, small businesses.
  2. We develop leaders who can grow people and achieve results.
  3. We help you make great impact across your organization.

A Case for Change

If you wanted to learn to drive a car, would you be happy if someone said: let me teach you to drive a tractor trailer? Both can navigate the world’s highways and get to the same places, but each requires different techniques and skills to do so. Why would you take truck driving lessons when they would be minimally relevant to your needs?

In the field of leadership, every well-known theory, academic program, and management consulting firm looks at leadership through the lens of large companies. They are basically asking small business leaders to take truck driving lessons. This is a problem.

We founded Alaric because we know that the challenges and opportunities small companies face are distinct. Leaders of these organizations must transition from doers to leaders as well as develop the unique capabilities to navigate and build companies of consequence. Small business leaders need assessment and development tools designed specifically for them. The tools and support must be cost-effective and provide recognizable value and impact.

It’s time to change the way the world’s small business leaders strengthen their leadership! It’s time for Alaric.

What People Are Saying About Us 

"Venture capitalists are really investing in human capital – the founders and management. We would rather invest in an "A" leadership team with a “B” plan than a "B" team with an "A" plan. Alaric helps us identify the A teams."

Andrew Zulauf, Director

West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust

"As a small company grows, it faces distinct challenges. A new form of leadership is critical for success. Alaric has identified those leadership capabilities."

Henrik Ekelund, Founder & CEO

BTS Group

"As a small business entrepreneur and an organizational psychologist, Alaric’s High Impact Leadership model is a perfect framework to articulate what it takes to be successful."

Sandra B. Hartog, Ph.D., Founder

Fenestra, Inc.