At Alaric, we believe all leadership development begins with assessment. Without the view of one’s current capabilities, leaders are ill-prepared to begin addressing their development. In other words, leaders need to understand where they excel and the areas they wish to strengthen to maximize their leadership impact.

Our assessment approach is based on our research and field experience with high-growth, small companies and their leaders. From this rich data, we have developed a unique, small business-specific and easy-to-understand leadership model that drives all of our assessment tools. Our tools allow any small business leader to quickly evaluate and understand the success factors that drive high-impact leadership. You will readily understand areas in which you demonstrate a high degree of effectiveness, and equally, identify those capabilities that can be strengthened and ultimately, lead to more effective leadership.

We offer a variety of approaches to assessment. If you are a company leader experiencing high growth and want to maximize your leadership potential, please contact us for ways we can support you.

Strategy Refinement

One of the key findings within our research indicated small business leaders tend to build operational plans versus strategic plans. Our expertise in strategy design can help you convert your operational plan to a more strategic plan that allows you to be more agile, innovative, and future-oriented. Let us know how we can help.


Our assessments allow leaders to understand their effectiveness and areas they need to improve. We offer unique approaches to developing skills, abilities, and knowledge. Alaric’s development programs are designed for leaders of small companies in high-growth environments.

We offer quick cases and capabilities-specific challenges, leader roundtables, simulations and interactive modules, and customized programs.

One of the unique obstacles to small business leader success has always been the price and contextual validity of training and development programs. Everything is geared towards large companies and that’s just not appropriate for you and your budget. Alaric has and continues to create new ways to deliver relevant and cost-effective development programs for leaders like you. Contact us to see how we can partner with you and your organization.

Leadership Coaching

Some leaders benefit from having a trusted and impartial coach to help maximize their development time and effort. Alaric’s small business-specific leadership model is the underpinning of a robust and meaningful leadership coaching experience. Much like many other development products, leadership coaching has been outside the realm of the small business executive — prohibitive costs and frameworks meant for large companies and not that meaningful to someone like you.

We have created a distinctly different and valuable approach to coaching for leaders like you. If you are interested in coaching, click here to contact us.