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By: Alaric Inc.
Jun 20, 2023

We wanted to share this opportunity with our small business leaders reading our blog. It is not often that we can participate in high-quality, professional development experiences at no cost. But, here is one of those opportunities.

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that one of our founders Jonathan Dapra will be a feature speaker for the Business Culture Summit on Friday, June 30. The Summit is curated for visionaries like you - executives and decision-makers steering the future of business. Brace yourself for an enlightening experience, where you'll dive into discussions with trailblazers and industry mavens on the profound impact of a positive business culture on profitability.

As the after-effects of Covid are being felt, many leaders of companies of every size are grappling with the challenge of growth and forward momentum. 

Do you aspire to enhance your business culture and amplify your profitability?

Are you concerned about stretching your budget thin?

Would you like to grow and move forward using what you have?

Get ready to unlock secrets to leveraging your current resources for maximum profits, and honing your leadership prowess. What's more? You'll be a part of engaging, interactive sessions, all geared towards providing you practical skills and knowledge to cultivate a robust culture within your organization.

But that's not all!

Imagine yourself immersed in a wealth of knowledge, gaining insights from groundbreaking ideas and absorbing best practices from a variety of industries right from your comfort zone." We promise you'll leave with insights that will transform your approach to business culture and drive your organization towards unprecedented success.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. It's time to amplify your understanding of how culture shapes business triumph. So, go ahead, reserve your virtual seat today:

Alaric Inc.
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